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There's jiggery-pokery everywhere and the best produce in the world has it by the bucket load making artisan produce consistently great and delicious. We call it 'Piggery-Smokery' and it helps us make Epic bacon.  We are a small Scottish company, located in the Howe of Alford and right on the edge of the Cairngorm National Park in Aberdeenshire.  We have a huge passion for creating and delivering fantastic foods for people who want to eat and use great things. It's so good we can't stop eating it ourselves.

Our specialities include:

  • Epic Bacon - amongst the best you'll ever eat - we've got loads of great and delicious flavours
  • Smmm......oaked and Flavoured Butters - gives a fantastic smokey twist to mushrooms, boiled peas or on top of your steak.
  • Maiden's Rime - in honour of the Maiden Stone near Bennachie just over the hill - smoked ice cubes, great for sitting by the fire suppin' whisky or posh shoots, classy dinner parties or just to indulge yourself.  No kidding they are fabulous.
  • Vegan stuff - smoked chilli almonds; rosemary and fennel salt; and garlics, peppers and tomatoes; salts and sugars - guaranteed all smoked on separate grills away from meats for vegan ethical production. 
  • Experimentation - we have tonnes of imagination, and we're not afraid to try stuff....give us a shout and we're happy to think with you..
  • No injected water, no rushing, no fake smokes, just loads of plain old simple time, curing salt, organic home grown herbs to produce the best quality, designer and creative bacons.  We love our produce, we want you to love them too, wholesome foods at their Epic best.
  • We can also smoke our bacons as much as you like, and cut them as thickly or thinly as you want.

Customer Comments


Designer, EPIC BACONs for the 21st century

General Menu

Bacon - £5 / pck (no less than 230grms)

"If this is Jiggery-Pokery of the food world then long live Piggery-Smokery - epic"

Lucy - Head Chef at Cairnview

“Piggery-Smokery' is jiggery pokery but smudged into bacon - how good is that.”

Su Reynolds


“I should note that the chilli bacon was amazing – the only thing that would have made it more awesome would be more rashers in my bun.

Lewis McGillivray, Piper 'B'

"Them smoked almonds were incredible - everyone loved them and they're separate from the charcuterie - we like"

Mike - 

​​We're really pleased you found us.  You obviously have great taste and appreciate really good things.  We can certainly help you with all of that. Take a look at what we've got to offer or come and see us.